Located just outside of Nashville, Tn, The Tape Farm specializes in digital transfers of “Pro-sumer” analog, ADAT and other tape formats.

Check out the Services Page for details. See the Samples Page for examples of songs recovered off of 20 plus year old tapes and remixed using modern DAW software.

We can transfer tapes recorded on 1",  1/2" and 1/4" analog tapes from machines that include, but not limited to: Tascam MS-16, ATR-60, 38, 48, 58, TSR-8 and 388. Teac Model 70, and 80-8. Fostex E16, B16, G16, R8, A8, and Model 80. As well as digital recordings made with Alesis ADAT, and Tascam DTRS formats.

After litterally years of searching we have finally been able find and aquire a Tascam MS-16. This is a 16 track machine that recorded on to 1 inch tape. These machines are beasts. There were other machines that recoded on this format in addition to the MS-16. The Tascam ATR-60 and Otari MX-70 to name two also recorded 16 tracks on to 1 inch tape.

This machine came to us via West Virginia. It had been recently serviced and after some cleaning and minor adjustments it sprang to life, ready to serve.

So lets go Tape Farmers... break those 1 inch tapes out of the closet and lets get them trasnfered.

Email us at thetapefarm@gmail.com

We are happy to announce the addition of the Yamaha MD8 to our transfer arsenal. The MD8 recorded 8 tracks of audio on to MD Data discs. Not only can this well designed and versatile machine transfer discs from MD8's but it can also trasnfer discs recorded on 4 track mini disc recorders like the Yamaha  MD 4 and the Sony MDM-X4.

Our unit came to us in nearly new condition. It was purchased, used to record a demo of the previous owner's band, put back in it's box, stored in a closet and remained unused for the next 22 years. We have tested it fully and placed it into service.

So if you have an 8 track or 4 track Mini Discs that you'd like to recover the audio from, let us know.